Getting married at age 26 is optimal 12Getting married at age 26 is optimal 12

A few months ago, the community was excited and discussed a lot when young people were advised to get married before the age of 30.

There’s a lot of debate, but I haven’t seen anyone mention what is the most appropriate age to get married before 30 years old.

First, 26 years old is neither too old nor too young.

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If you work hard and are talented, you will have already taken the first step to advance and reap success in your career.

Second, young people in this age group are often the most healthy.

If you get married earlier, don’t have a long time to work, or are not financially stable, your family will have problems with money.

Third, at this age, when husband and wife work together, their ability to bond will be higher.

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Fourth, get married at 26 years old. If you have a child two years later, the child will go to college when the couple is 46 years old, still young to take care of the child’s 4 years of college.

Fifth, getting married at 26 years old, if you think it is a wrong step after a few years of living together, there is still time and opportunity to fix it by going separate ways to free each other.

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