French police exchanged gunfire and rounded up Paris terrorist suspects 2French police exchanged gunfire and rounded up Paris terrorist suspects 2



9:30 p.m

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced that 118 more raids were carried out last night, 25 people were arrested, 34 weapons were seized and 16 drug caches were discovered. A total of 414 raids

9:20 p.m

The car believed to be carrying Salah Abdeslam has license plate number AE-113-SY.

Notice about the car posted on El Espanol website.

9:10 p.m

A French special police officer limped out of the scene of the raid, leaning on his comrades.

French special police were injured after the raid

Source: Telegraph

9:10 p.m

French President Francois Hollande announced any location where people `glorify` terrorism will be closed.

9:00 p.m

A Spanish security official said French authorities had sent a notice across Europe asking to track a Citroen

8:55 p.m

Jason Burke, a Guardian expert on terrorism and IS, has written about extremists using women to carry out suicide bombings.

8:45 p.m

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the target of the raid was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind.

8:35 p.m

As the crackdown ended, Adlene Kessenti, a local resident who was awakened by a barrage of gunfire, told the Telegraph: `It was horrible, as if this was a war zone.`

8:25 p.m

Two of the seven arrested suspects are being treated in a hospital in Bobigny, northeast of Paris.

8:15 p.m

French President Francois Hollande reaffirmed that `France is in a state of war` when speaking to mayors across the country in Paris.

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