Ferguson once asked the British Prime Minister to help Man Utd 2Ferguson once asked the British Prime Minister to help Man Utd 2

However, Tony Blair could not solve Ferguson’s problem because he had to prepare to meet with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to mediate the fierce war in Kosovo.

Previously, former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s special envoy proposed that Man Utd withdraw from the FA Cup to attend the FIFA Club World Championship held for the first time in Brazil in 2000. The presence of Man Utd, the team that recently

Alex Ferguson (right) once tried to call former Prime Minister Tony Blair (left) to help Man Utd play the FA Cup.

Man Utd was the FA Cup champion in the 1998-1999 season, the year they won the historic treble.

Andy Walsh, who was a member of the Independent Manchester United Fans’ Association, an influential organization in 1999 and had close ties to Alex Ferguson, tells this incredible story.

“Fans like us want to find a way for the team to play the FA Cup.

Andy Walsh recalls that this plan was carefully prepared.

“He said he tried calling Tony Blair but couldn’t get through.

Everything in the end did not bring any benefit.

The Premier League was the only title that Ferguson and his team successfully defended that season.

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