Facebook blocks 'super groups' calling for protests 3Facebook blocks 'super groups' calling for protests 3

`Welcome to Stop the Steal` – this is the first post on November 4 of one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook history.

In the `grainy` video, a crowd stands outside a polling station in Detroit, shouting and chanting `stop the count` slogans.

According to the New York Times, the speed at which the above video spread turned `Stop the Steal` into one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook history.

The group `Stop the Steal` attracted more than 300,000 members in 48 hours, before being deleted by Facebook for posting messages inciting protests.

This `super group` was founded by the non-profit organization `Women for America First` (Women for America First) of which Kremer, 30, is the administrator.

Kremer said hundreds of people joined the group in the first hour.

Much of the content in the `Stop the Steal` group talks about unverified stories related to voter fraud, or threats to Trump supporters.

Many posts, videos, and images were later proven to be false.

According to data from CrowdTangle, a social network analysis tool owned by Facebook, the number of group members skyrocketed on the morning of November 5.

The actions of the `super group` are immediately reported to Facebook’s executive board.

Tom Reynolds, a Facebook spokesman, said the social network’s actions were in accordance with regulations applied during times of increased tension, to prevent a virtual group from launching real-life events.

Kremer, the founder of the group `Stop the Steal`, later took to Twitter to protest Facebook’s actions and wanted to sue to get the group back.

Although it was wiped out, this `super group` was able to organize protests in dozens of cities.

On Facebook, as soon as the first `Stop the Steal` group was deleted, a series of other groups were established, some with up to 10,000 members.

Khuong Nha (according to the New York Times)

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