Erdogan warned of consequences if the probe was attacked 2Erdogan warned of consequences if the probe was attacked 2

`We said that those who attacked the Oruc Reis probe will pay a heavy price and they received the first answer today,` Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in the capital Ankara on April 14.

The statement was made by Erdogan after Türkiye this week deployed the Oruc Reis exploration ship and at least six escorting missile warships to conduct exploration activities in the waters between Crete and Cyprus, a disputed area. with Greece, causing bilateral tensions to increase.

Drillship Oruc Reis (center) and escort group of warships on August 12.

The Greek army was put on high alert, and all navy and air force officers on vacation were ordered to return to their combat units.

Athens claims its islands, no matter how small, have their own continental shelf.

Greece called on Türkiye to `stop illegal activities`, and expressed concern about escalating tensions with the US, Israel, France and a number of other European Union (EU) countries.

The French Ministry of Defense deployed two Rafale fighters, the helicopter carrier Tonnerre and the corvette La Fayette near the area.

The French army yesterday conducted joint exercises with the Greek navy.

The Greek corvette Limnos also appeared to collide with the missile corvette Kemalreis, which was escorting a Turkish exploration ship on the morning of August 12.

Erdogan warned of consequences if the probe was attacked

The Aegean Sea lies between Greece and Türkiye.

Tensions between the two NATO member countries have recently increased, especially after Türkiye implemented an oil drilling project near the island of Cyprus, causing protests from Greece, Egypt and many European countries.

Greek warships approached and cut off the Turkish corvette during Ankara’s largest military exercise in May 2019.

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