Doubts about the effectiveness of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine 13Doubts about the effectiveness of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine 13

The information was announced by the Butantan Institute in São Paulo, where the clinical trial using the vaccine imported from China took place on January 13.

Initially, Sinovac planned to announce the results of the CoronaVac vaccine trial on December 15, 2020, but it was delayed by a week.

Denise Garrett, an epidemiologist at the US Sabin Vaccine Institute, commented: `This is extremely unusual. They delayed the results, it seems like the vaccine effectiveness is not satisfactory.`

The new results have a significant impact on China’s health diplomacy.

After Brazil’s announcement, a senior Hong Kong official said it would strictly review the vaccine based on clinical trials before launching it to the market.

Yanzhong Huang, senior medical expert at the Chinese Council on Foreign Relations, said: `Countries that have ordered Chinese vaccines may wonder about the effectiveness. Countries with opposition parties will rely on them.`

Sinovac has not commented yet.

Unlike candidates from Pfizer and Moderna in the US, the Chinese vaccine does not need to be frozen.

Many countries that buy Chinese vaccines are relatively poor, and they are desperate to suppress the epidemic to protect their populations.

On the morning of January 13, President Joko Widodo was vaccinated with CoronaVac vaccine on television, opening the national vaccination campaign.

`Covid-19 vaccination is important to break the chain of transmission of nCoV, protecting the health of all of us,` he declared.

Sulfikar Amir, an Indonesian associate professor of sociology, working at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, said that the information from Brazil is very worrying.

`Why doesn’t Indonesia wait until there is a better vaccine? To me, this is happening so hastily and forcedly,` he said.

An expert checks vials of CoronaVac vaccine, produced by Sinovac company, at the Butantan Institute, São Paulo, Brazil.

New Brazilian data could be a setback for China’s ambitions.

Previously, officials continuously promoted the effectiveness of products developed by Sinovac and Sinopharm.

The new results may raise a wave of skepticism around the world, especially among those who are wary of Chinese vaccines after safety and quality scandals.

Scientists question how China releases safety data.

In Brazil, the Covid-19 vaccine has long caused political chaos.

According to Dr. Denise Garrett, a Brazilian-American epidemiologist, there is no reason to doubt the safety of CoronaVac.

`The lack of transparency really damages people’s trust. They reinforce the argument that this vaccine is not good,` she said.

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