Doubts about the blockade order for 60 million Italians 2Doubts about the blockade order for 60 million Italians 2

`I will sign a law that can be summarized as: Stay at home. Travel nationwide will be stopped, unless there are urgent reasons or health problems,` Prime Minister Conte announced yesterday.

This is considered an extension of the blockade of the Lombardy region in northern Italy announced by Mr. Conte the day before, with the expectation of preventing the spread of Covid 19, in the context that Italy has become a

A young man pulls a cart filled with water bottles on Milan Street on March 8.

`We must understand that everyone needs to comply and not oppose these blockade measures. Don’t try to be smart by avoiding the law,` Prime Minister Conte warned in a press conference early on the morning of August 8.

However, the Italian Prime Minister’s call to comply with the blockade order immediately sparked a wave of controversy about how the government implemented measures to restrict people’s movement as well as the Italian people’s sense of compliance in doing so.

`We are now the second Wuhan,` said Elena Lofino, 39, who works at a shopping center in the Lombardy region, comparing the area to the city of 11 million people in Hubei province, China that has been blockaded since then.

Lofino believes that blockade measures will help effectively prevent nCoV.

Italian officials have continuously taken drastic measures to prevent Covid-19, such as canceling all flights with China since January and blockading 11 towns in Lombardy and Veneto regions in February.

The continued tightening of travel restrictions on the Lombardy region, where the economic engine of Milan is located, as well as the entire country, is expected to have a negative impact on the Italian economy.

However, many Italians did not share the same thoughts as Lofino and immediately ignored the Prime Minister’s call.

Guiseppe Ippolito, director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome, declared on television that `those fleeing are a threat to the country`.

But many people think it was right for them to leave Milan for the south before the Lombardy blockade took effect.

`On one hand I felt this was silly,` she said of leaving quickly out of fear of death.

In his 1964 work `The Italians,` Luigi Barzini argued that his fellow Italians had become `wise` due to being accustomed to oppression and long-term rule by foreign powers, from

`Italians have quietly found many ways to defeat oppression. When they could not protect the nation’s freedom on the battlefield, they fought hard to protect the freedom of individuals and families. Even though

Barzini also compared the rules put in place by leaders to `obstacles in a horse race`, where Italians show off their speed.

`How can one break a law if it does not exist?`, Barzini wrote.

Doubts about the blockade order for 60 million Italians

Two employees stand guard at the epidemic control station in Zorlesco town, Lodi province, Lombardy region on March 8.

Social networks in Italy that day were filled with calls from famous singers and the media in a campaign against the `shameful` act of running away.

Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini thanked celebrities in the fields of music, cinema and entertainment who issued an appeal on social networks with the hashtag `I’m at home`.

In some places, this message seems to have created great change.

But when the number of nCoV infections continued to increase and arguments about the blockade appeared everywhere in Milan, he said he did not want to turn himself into a `disease spreader`.

`This choice is wiser because it makes everything better,` Ponti said.

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