Doctor milking 7-month-old Covid baby girl 4Doctor milking 7-month-old Covid baby girl 4

The father and son, who live in An Lac ward, Binh Tan district, were admitted to Trung Vuong Covid-19 Treatment Hospital at 0:25 a.m. on June 22.

According to Dr. Thuy, the doctors tried to arrange the `best place` in the department so that father and son could lie close together for treatment.

While trying to treat the father so that his condition would not deteriorate, the doctors took turns taking care of the two children.

`The baby girl is very well-behaved, she sleeps soundly at her father’s feet after being fed, and her brother can freely roll around on the bed next to his father,` Dr. Thuy shared.

Doctor Thuy fed her baby from expressed milk, which was photographed by her colleagues.

Doctor Thuy, 30 years old, works at the Emergency Department of Trung Vuong Covid-19 Treatment Hospital.

Dr. Thuy’s first son is now more than 10 months old.

`The son will be separated from his mother for up to a month. If it is peaceful, then the mother and son will stay together for two weeks and then continue to be apart for a month, repeating until the epidemic ends,` she shared.

Doctor Thuy has not yet weaned her child, so these days away from her child, her milk is overflowing.

`I’m happy because I can help the baby and not have to waste milk,` Dr. Thuy shared.

Doctor milking 7-month-old Covid baby girl

The milk was expressed by Dr. Thuy and stored in a bottle.

Ho Chi Minh City is in the largest Covid-19 outbreak ever, from April 27 to noon June 23, 2,013 cases were recorded.

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