Djokovic wins Roland Garros 2021 2Djokovic wins Roland Garros 2021 2



Match parameters

DjokovicParametersTsitsipas5Ace143Double-faults468%First ball on court62%78%Winning first ball point67%53%Winning second ball point50%5/16Take advantage of Break-point3/856Winner6141Self-fault44164Total score147

Djokovic defeated Tsitsipas in five sets

In the deciding game, Djokovic won the first point thanks to a forehand error from Tsitsipas.

Djokovic defeated Tsitsipas in five sets

Tsitsipas shortened the score to 4-5

Good serve helped Tsitsipas lead 30-15.

5-3 sets five for Djokovic

Tsitsipas was determined to claim the game, but Djokovic wouldn’t let that happen.

Hope remains for Tsitsipas

Lost a point at the beginning of the service game, but Djokovic corrected his mistake with three good serves.

The advantage still belongs to Noel

The ace point helped Djokovic close the game with a clean win and lead 3-1 in set five.

Djokovic won two games in a row

After quickly losing set four, Tsitsipas put all his energy and determination into set five.

Djokovic won two games in a row

Tsitsipas leads 1-0 in set five

Tsitsipas’s ability to move and stretch decreased significantly.

Parameter set four

DjokovicParametersTsitsipas1Ace30Double-fault074%First ball on court67%86%Win first ball point65%80%Win second ball point30%2/4Take advantage of Break-point0/014Winner77Self-fault530Total score19

Djokovic won set four 6-2

The first two points of the game decided the decision easily for Nole.

Djokovic won set four 6-2

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Djokovic and Tsitsipas are both in high form.

Djokovic, with 28 Grand Slam finals he has appeared in, is superior in experience to Tsitsipas – who is reaching the final match of a Grand Slam for the first time.

Djokovic wins Roland Garros 2021

Djokovic beat Tsitsipas in their last encounter in Rome.

In three encounters on clay, Djokovic defeated the Greek junior.

Both experienced difficult moments at Roland Garros this year.

Tsitsipas, by interrupting three consecutive defeats in the semi-finals, is sure to enter the top four in the world after the tournament.

Djokovic certainly holds the world number one position after Roland Garros.

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