Division and consensus in considering Trump's second dismissal 2Division and consensus in considering Trump's second dismissal 2

232 lawmakers, including 10 Republicans, supported the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, while 197 opposed at the vote in the House of Representatives on the afternoon of January 13.

With this result, the House passed the article of impeachment moving it to the Senate, where it is unclear whether any Republican senators will join the effort to remove Trump from office.

President Donald Trump at the White House on June 10, 2020.

The vote in the House of Representatives showed signs of deep division within the Republican party.

And Mitch McConnell, the highest-ranking Republican senator, said on January 13 that he had not yet decided whether to vote or not in the Senate trial.

Newly elected Republican lawmakers also disagreed about efforts to consider Trump’s removal from office.

One question among Republicans is whether the 10 Republicans with views contrary to their party’s will face any political consequences.

Unlike the previous recall consideration, the level of bipartisan consensus is higher this time.

It’s unclear how many Republicans will vote to impeach Trump in the Senate.

During the debate on January 13, two ideas emerged among the arguments made by the Republicans: blame and condemnation.

The Republican Party repeatedly condemned last week’s riot, saying violence is not allowed in American politics.

Trump himself also made a statement looking forward to a peaceful transition during the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

However, Republicans also blamed Democrats for `hypocrisy` in ignoring the damage that occurred during the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

`Democrats also support violence when defending their goals,` Greene said.

It is unclear what will happen in the Senate when considering Trump’s removal from office.

When Trump was first considered for impeachment, only senator Mitt Romney participated in the `impeachment` vote with the Democrats.

Democrats need to convince at least 17 Republican senators to turn their backs on Trump to be able to convict the President.

McConnell himself said in another statement after the House vote that the `trial` could begin only after Biden is sworn into office at the earliest.

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