Defeated from South Korea to North Korea 3Defeated from South Korea to North Korea 3

Choe In-guk is one of the few people to defect from South Korea to North Korea.

Choe’s photo was posted on North Korea’s state-owned Uriminzokkiri website with the quote: `Living in a country that I feel grateful to is a way of protecting my parents’ wishes.`

Some people have fled to North Korea, especially at a time when the country is constantly praising better living conditions, while South Koreans live under a dictatorship.

Choe In-guk, a Korean defector, at Pyongyang airport in July 2019.

Some of them had high status, like economist Oh Kil-nam, who later regretted this decision and had to seek asylum in Denmark.

Choe’s case was also influenced by political and family factors.

Kim Ryen-hui once defected to South Korea, but now longs to return home to North Korea.

Kim shared that she once went to China to treat liver disease, but the costs there were beyond her ability to pay.

Eight years have passed since Kim left North Korea and she is not the only one who wants to return to her homeland.

Lee Eunkoo, founder of the non-profit organization Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR), said discrimination against defectors often occurs.

Casey Lartigue, co-founder of TNKR, added that North Koreans new to the Hanowan re-education center often describe it as a `scary experience`, when they are investigated by the South Korean Intelligence Agency and given the feeling that they are

However, Kim said stories about North Korea are often distorted or exaggerated.

During the period 1995-2005, North Korea suffered a severe famine and Kim said that was all South Koreans thought about this country.

Defeated from South Korea to North Korea

Kim Ryon-hui, a North Korean refugee in South Korea.

According to Kim, North Korea is a place where people never worry about jobs, because jobs are assigned based on each person’s abilities.

According to Ms. Kim, the biggest thing in common between North Korea and South Korea is their love of music.

Kim wants to be reunited with her daughter, but not in Korea.

However, many South Koreans believe that it is difficult for anyone in this country to voluntarily go to North Korea, and Mrs. Kim’s picture of North Korea hides many things.

As of September last year, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification recorded 771 cases of North Korean defectors in 2019, bringing the total number of defectors to the country to 33,000.

In a program organized by TNKR, many North Korean refugees said they did not want to return because they were haunted by the past.

Kim agrees with this reason.

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