Deadlock in Wuhan 2Deadlock in Wuhan 2

Peter wished the Nigerian government would take him and about 50 students and businessmen out of Wuhan, capital of China’s Hubei province, but as time passed, communications from the Nigerian embassy in Beijing stopped.

`We expect to receive moral and financial support even though we cannot evacuate, but we have not received any help yet,` Peter said on February 13.

A female nurse is waiting for a bus to return to work at a hospital in Wuhan on January 25.

Peter was given medical masks by the school where he studied, but he is feeling more worried about his compatriots and their families, as financial pressure and psychological stress are increasing day by day.

Hubei province, the center of the corona pneumonia (Covid-19) epidemic, today recorded 139 more deaths and 2,420 new infections, bringing the total number of deaths and infections in the province to 1,457 and 54,406 respectively.

About three weeks have passed since Wuhan was imposed a blockade and travel restrictions to curb the spread of nCoV, preventing millions of residents from leaving the city.

Kazakhstan has sent a plane to Wuhan to pick up citizens and plans to send two more flights this week.

Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand, Vietnam have sent planes to pick up citizens in Wuhan since last week.

To date, the only foreigner to die among the 1,036 people killed by the epidemic in Wuhan is a 60-year-old American woman.

India brought 647 citizens home, but 70 people chose to stay and 10 people were not allowed to board the plane because they did not pass the body temperature check at the airport.

Satya is one of them.

However, not every country is able or willing to repatriate citizens in Wuhan.

Pakistan, a close ally of China, informed its 800 students in Wuhan that they needed to stay calm while the authorities could not bring them home.

Mir Hassan, a Pakistani researcher at the Wuhan National Optoelectronics Laboratory, accused Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government of being `unscrupulous`.

`Evacuate me along with everyone else. I just lost my father,` Hassan wrote on Twitter after Health Minister Zafar Mirza said he had spoken to Pakistani students in Hubei and reassured them that the Chinese government

Deadlock in Wuhan

Pakistani researcher Mir Hassan, currently working at Wuhan National Optoelectronics Laboratory.

Hassan’s family and those who sympathized with him began a campaign, calling on the Pakistani government to organize flights to bring citizens from Wuhan home.

A group of Senegalese families asked the government to send planes to bring their loved ones home, but President Macky Sall said Senegal could not keep up with `big countries` in organizing emergency evacuations.

More than 250 Tanzanians in Wuhan have been told by the government they have no plans to evacuate their citizens.

Peter said he has not returned to Nigeria since he started studying abroad in China, because travel costs are very expensive, but now, he feels homesick.

`My family is extremely worried, for sure, but I try to reassure them,` he said.

Deadlock in Wuhan

Countries with patients infected with corona virus.

Vu Hoang (According to SCMP)

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