Countries blame each other for the shooting of MH17 0Countries blame each other for the shooting of MH17 0

Pro-Russian separatists at the scene of the MH17 crash.

In his speech in parliament today, Prime Minister Abbott said he was `full of disgust` and blamed separatists in Ukraine for shooting down the plane.

`This is a bleak day for our country and a bad day for the world. Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, apparently by Russian-backed rebels,` Reuters

Mr. Abbott said that the rebels are equipped with Russian weapons capable of shooting down passenger planes and that this force could use them for that purpose.

Australia plans to host Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in November.

Ukrainian officials also blamed Moscow after discovering audio recordings believed to be from separatist fighters and Russian military intelligence officials.

`We will do everything so that the Russian army who committed this crime will be punished. Terrorists will not be able to dance on corpses,` said Nalivaychenko, head of the Security Service of Ukraine,

Countries blame each other for the shooting of MH17

Location of plane MH17 crash.

Responding to the accusations, President Putin affirmed that Ukraine was the country responsible for the plane crash in the eastern region of the country.

`There is no doubt that the country where this terrible disaster occurred is responsible,` he said.

The Russian leader sent his deep condolences to Malaysia, adding that he had ordered military authorities `to provide all necessary support to shed light on this criminal act`.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Ukrainian army had deployed at least 27 Buk surface-to-air missile launchers to the east previously and this may have been the weapon that shot down MH17.

The Malaysian plane was said to have been hit by a missile while at an altitude of more than 10,000 m.

Rebel forces in Donetsk affirmed that they cannot possess such weapons and that their air defense system has an operating range of only 3,000-4,000 m.

However, Russian military expert Alexander Golt emphasized that recently the separatists took control of a base in Donetsk and in this base there is a Buk system.

Countries blame each other for the shooting of MH17

MH17 plane wreckage in a field in eastern Ukraine.

According to the initial investigation by US intelligence, the plane was hit by a missile, but it cannot be confirmed who was responsible for launching the missile.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that although it has not been possible to determine who is responsible for this tragedy, Russia is still `the root of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Mr. Harper said he was `shocked and heartbroken` by the incident, emphasizing that there was a Canadian on board MH17.

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