Controversial selling price of iPhone X 3Controversial selling price of iPhone X 3


The iPhone

10 years ago, consumers were shocked by the news that the first iPhone cost $599.

iPhone X is currently Apple’s most notable product.

Many people also think that the market has dozens of good phones priced under 400 USD.

However, `Apple has created a class of buyers who are ready to pay a premium for brand power. Even technology experts want to show off that they have the latest iPhone,` co-founder

Controversial selling price of iPhone X

Actual video of iPhone X

Currently, the average price of each iPhone is 605 USD.

Apple and the entire smartphone industry have done a very impressive job – making consumers stop being shocked by high prices, with a monthly payment policy.

Analyst Gene Munster at Loup Ventures believes that 30% – 40% of Apple users are still willing to pay $999 to buy a new iPhone.

Horace Dediu – analyst at Asymco believes that the super high-end iPhone is the right move for Apple.

Consumer goods manufacturers often offer low-priced, medium-priced and high-end products.

`If there are no aspirational products, the value of a phone will be nothing more than use. People want to buy expensive products to feel powerful, influential or want to give distant gifts.

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