China's attack hits the island of Taiwan 2China's attack hits the island of Taiwan 2

On October 2, the Chinese army dispatched 39 fighter and reconnaissance aircraft to attack Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Forces dispatched fighters to respond to and warn of Chinese military aircraft, and activated anti-aircraft missile complexes to monitor.

Mainland Chinese bombers approached Taiwan in 2019. Photo: Taiwan Defense Agency.

Experts say that China’s continuous deployment of a record number of aircraft close to the island is not a signal that war is imminent, but reflects Beijing’s increasingly clear message about reclaiming the island.

`The move began on China’s National Day, showing the determination to unify Taiwan by force if necessary. The goal of the force deployment is to demonstrate Beijing’s military power and confront Taiwan.

China has always considered Taiwan a province awaiting reunification and declared its readiness to use force if necessary.

`Very worrying. This puts great pressure on the island’s defense forces. The more mainland aircraft are present near Taiwan, the greater the risk of an incident,` Chieh Chung, security analyst

Head of Taiwan’s defense agency, Joseph Wu, acknowledged that the Chinese military’s actions were threatening, emphasizing that the island’s defense forces remained on high alert and responded appropriately to ensure

US State Department spokesman Ned Price on October 3 condemned the close flights of Chinese aircraft, saying that this action caused instability, could lead to miscalculation and affect peace and stability.

Taiwan’s Self-Defense Forces regularly dispatch fighters to monitor mainland Chinese aircraft.

`It’s clear that the Chinese military is wearing down Taiwan’s island defense force with the current pace of operations. Continuous sorties make Taiwanese pilots very tired, they also consume expensive fuel and

The raids against the island of Taiwan often include reconnaissance and submarine hunting aircraft, along with many types of fighters.

China's attack hits the island of Taiwan

Taiwanese F-16V fighter took off on the highway in Binh Dong district on September 15.

Large-scale night flights show that Chinese pilots are perfecting their ability to fight in a variety of conditions.

As of the end of 2019, the Chinese military had about 1,500 fighter aircraft, along with 450 attack and bomber aircraft.

China also often uses close visits to Taiwan to send warning messages about specific events.

China’s move comes in the context of many Western countries increasingly showing support for Taiwan, with a French parliamentary delegation scheduled to visit the island on October 4.

`The Chinese government is drawing a red line with the international community, warning countries not to support Taiwan. We don’t like that, but we’re not too worried,` said Wang Ting-yu, a member of the agency.

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