China openly challenged both Obama and Trump by seizing US submersibles 0China openly challenged both Obama and Trump by seizing US submersibles 0

(Dan Tri) – When seizing an unmanned diving device from the US Navy in international waters off the coast of the Philippines on December 15, China is launching a challenge aimed at both the outgoing Obama administration and

President-elect Donald Trump and incumbent President Barack Obama (Photo: NBC)

Although press reports are still sketchy, it appears that a Chinese navy ship has come close enough to a US maritime survey ship to dispatch a small vessel to seize a scientific research submersible while the ship

CNN quoted US expert Michael Auslin as saying that, like in 2009, when China harassed the US ship USNS Impeccable in the East Sea, the latest action also took place against a US non-weapon research.

Such an escalation is unusual and US officials should understand that Beijing now appears willing to take increasingly risky actions.

At the same time, the latest challenge comes at a time of deteriorating relations between the Obama administration and China, including information that Beijing is rapidly militarizing illegal artificial islands in the East Sea.

The Obama administration is responsible for solving this problem

Until January 20, when Mr. Obama is still in office, it is his administration’s responsibility to respond.

The US has officially asked China to return the diving equipment, but diplomatic responses will not be enough.

If similar aggressive actions recur, Washington should show that it will continue to act more firmly, including increasing direct support for countries facing Chinese pressure in the

Both parties should avoid a situation where cool heads are overwhelmed by heightened emotions.

Mr. Trump needs to be ready to deal with it

Regardless of what the Obama administration does, Trump’s team should prepare for increasingly unpredictable Chinese actions designed to force the new president to back off from challenging the status quo.

The goal is not to corner China into a dead end or cause it to continue to be aggressive, but instead to do the opposite.


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