Chelsea stumbled against Everton 0Chelsea stumbled against Everton 0

Chelsea adheres to the rules of football: If you attack a lot but don’t score, you will have to pay the price.

*Goals: Richarlison 49′, Sigurdsson 72′.

This is probably coach Marco Silva’s biggest victory since leading Everton.

After a shaky first 45 minutes, Silva’s team played more confidently from the beginning of the second half.

Chelsea stumbled against Everton

Richarlison continued his impressive scoring record at Everton.

The home team defended more confidently after the goal, and lurked for a counterattack with players with speed and technique like Richarlison, Sigurdsson or Bernard.

Coach Sarri had reason to be angry, when Chelsea could not finish off their opponents in the first half.

Ross Barkley – a former player of Everton – was the center of attention at Goodison Park, as he was booed every time he touched the ball.

Chelsea stumbled against Everton

Higuain had a forgettable match as he missed many opportunities.

The ball was put into Everton’s net in the 42nd minute, but the referee flagged Pedro before he took down Pickford in the face-off.

Chelsea has a chance to rise to equal points with Arsenal – the fourth ranked team, if they win.

Match lineup (In brackets are scores from Sky Sports)

Everton: Pickford (7), Coleman (6), Keane (6), Mina (6), Digne (7), Gomes (6), Gueye (8), Richarlison (7), Sigurdsson (7, Davies 86′)

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