Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola 1Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola 1

Man City’s 4-0 defeat of Southampton on October 8 witnessed another beautiful `trivela` from Cancelo.

Cancelo kicked trivela to assist Haaland to score against Dortmund

Cancelo’s trivela when assisting Haaland to score against Dortmund.

But Cancelo doesn’t just have `trivela` or amateur and eye-catching stunts that are often mentioned in the media.

This time, Cancelo is not mentioned for his exceptional skills, but as a comprehensive full-back.

Cancelo’s forte is right-back, but since football returned after the Covid-19 break, he has played left wing at Guardiola’s request and firmly maintained his place in the main team in this position.

Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola

Cancelo was stuck in the middle, turned the ball, eliminated Southampton’s defense and scored the opening goal in Man City’s 4-0 win on October 8.

That decision shows a significant change in Cancelo’s attitude and thinking about playing football.

When moving from Juventus to Man City in the summer of 2019 in a deal worth 77 million USD – including 30 million in fresh money plus Danilo from Man City to Juventus, Cancelo was not used.

`He can play many positions and can play continuously thanks to his very good physical condition,` Guardiola added.

Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola

Map of Joao Cancelo’s ball touch positions in the 2020-2021 Premier League season shows the Portuguese player’s extraordinary energy.

Cancelo’s journey – from being `hated by Pep` and `not knowing how to play like Pep` to becoming a comprehensive full-back – is similar to the path of carving other rough gems in the career of the Catalan military leader.

Before meeting Guardiola at Bayern, Philipp Lahm was just a full-back, but by the end of his career, he was a great defensive midfielder.

Kimmich once said that Guardiola once asked him to play center back for just five minutes in the match before sending Mehdi Benatia to replace him and returning Kimmich to the middle of the field.

Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola

Guardiola once directed Cancelo in the Premier League this season.

Kyle Walker, a teammate of Cancelo at Man City, confided: `His experience and erudition really made me understand the game better. What Pep said made me wonder, ‘Why don’t other coaches tell me?

The way Cancelo plays now shows that he is a complete product of Guardiola, like Kimmich, like Lahm and Walker.

Cancelo’s assist index on all fronts for Man City increased with his level of development.

Cancelo - another superior product of Guardiola

Cancelo shared his joy with Foden after assisting his teammate to score in the 4-0 win over Sevilla in the second round of Group G Champions League on September 6.

The problem with Cancelo is probably just how he maintains this peak level in the future, and how many assists and how many goals he will score when he is surrounded by great teammates.

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