Campaign to find 5 million people in Wuhan 1Campaign to find 5 million people in Wuhan 1

One person was turned away from all hotels after showing his ID card.

A patient suspected of being infected with the corona virus in Wuhan was transferred to the hospital last week.

They all come from Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, the epicenter of the acute pneumonia epidemic caused by the new strain of corona virus (nCoV) in China.

Patients infected with nCoV were taken to hospitals in Wuhan since early December 2019, but it was not until 7 weeks later that the city government issued a blockade order from January 23.

The epidemic has so far killed more than 420 people and caused confusion for people in many countries around the world, while also pushing Wuhan residents outside the blockade into an ironic situation.

Despite having a large surveillance network with a modern facial recognition system and millions of surveillance cameras everywhere, the Chinese government still chooses a traditional approach in its efforts to contain the epidemic, which encourages people to

It took five days for authorities to contact Harmo Tang, a student studying in Wuhan, after he returned to his hometown in Linhai, Zhejiang province, eastern China.

Local officials did not give an explanation for the leak of this information, but a few days later, they posted a notice on Tang’s door, saying that there was someone in the house returning from Wuhan.

The notice also includes a hotline number so neighbors can report if they see anyone leaving the house.

China has good reason to closely monitor people at risk of nCoV infection, especially people coming from Wuhan.

The `hunt` was so fierce that a district government in Hubei offered a reward of 1,000 yuan ($140) to any resident who reported a local Wuhan resident.

In Jiangsu province, authorities even built a fence around a family that had just returned from Wuhan.

Fearing for his children’s safety as the situation showed no signs of improvement, Andy Li, a technology engineer from Wuhan traveling with his family to Beijing, rented a car and started heading south.

The whole family self-quarantined for four days until local authorities asked all people coming from Wuhan to move to a hotel near the city’s central station.

`They only focused on isolating Wuhan people from Nanjing people,` Li said.

To fix it, Li took napkins and towels and stuck them under the door.

Campaign to find 5 million people in Wuhan

Medical staff check drivers’ temperatures¬†in China.

The government’s campaign to quarantine people in Wuhan has disrupted life in unexpected ways.

When a high school teacher suddenly contacted her to ask about her health on the WeChat messaging app, Jia learned that her personal information had been leaked.

Authorities did not explain why Jia’s information was leaked, but confirmed that this did not affect her normal life.

`I felt like the villagers lacked information, and the government didn’t help much. Instead, they published my information without telling the villagers that I didn’t have any symptoms,` Jia said.

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