ByteDance does not sell the TikTok algorithm to the US 3ByteDance does not sell the TikTok algorithm to the US 3

`The car can be sold, but the engine cannot be sold. ByteDance will not give the algorithm to any buyer in the US, but TikTok’s technology team in the US can develop a new algorithm,` the source hid

According to sources, ByteDance has informed US officials and potential contractors about this decision.

The Trump administration has set a deadline for ByteDance to sell TikTok’s US operations or cease operations.

The TikTok logo outside the office in Culver City, California, USA on August 27.

The Chinese government on August 28 applied revised laws to the list of exported technology products to prevent TikTok from being resold.

A Chinese government source said earlier this month that ByteDance could sell all of TikTok, minus the algorithms.

Tech-savvy sources say ByteDance uses one source code for TikTok in all countries, but makes adjustments for different markets.

ByteDance and TikTok have not yet commented on the above information.

TikTok is used by more than a billion people worldwide, including about 175 million Americans, to create short videos on mobile phones.

This social networking application has become the focus of a `diplomatic storm` between Washington and Beijing.

American companies including Walmart and Microsoft have negotiated to acquire Chinese applications.

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