Brazilians protested demanding impeachment of the President 5Brazilians protested demanding impeachment of the President 5

`We are here to declare that we will not wait until the next presidential election in 2022, because many lives are at stake. Now is the time to defeat Jair Bolsonaro,` Brazilian leftist leader

Boulos announced that protests in more than 20 state capitals across Brazil signal the beginning of `an uprising` against President Bolsonaro’s government following failures in the fight against Covid-19.

Right-wing groups yesterday also organized rallies supporting the impeachment of the President, including an event in Barra da Tijuca, which is considered a `stronghold` of support for Bolsonaro in western Rio de Janeiro.

An online petition opposing Bolsonaro also quickly attracted more than 180,000 signatures in three days.

`President Bolsonaro is a curse for Brazil. Removing him depends on us, depends on the people,` the petition reads, accusing the right-wing President of threatening the lives of thousands of people because of his ways.

Protesters participated in a drive to protest President Bolsonaro in Brasilia on January 23.

Lucas Paulino, a lawyer helping organize protests in the city of Belo Horizonte, southeastern Brazil, said the crowds took to the streets because the health system almost collapsed during the pandemic.

Meanwhile in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, dozens of people died from nCoV in just a few days, after infections continued to increase and hospitals were running out of equipment.

Political journalist Joao Villaverde commented that the protests over the weekend in many places showed that the wave of opposition to President Bolsonaro is entering a new and unpredictable phase.

`These protests show politicians that the anger and frustration of Brazilian society has reached a level where they are willing to take to the streets even in the midst of an outbreak,` Villaverde said.

Supporters of President Bolsonaro immediately spoke out against the protests and said that not imposing restrictive measures to prevent Covid-19 was to protect the country’s economy.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, President Bolsonaro’s son and a politician, criticized the media for `exaggerating` the protests, which he described as `small and shameful`.

Data released by Datafolha, Brazil’s leading polling organization, last weekend showed that the rate of opposition to Bolsonaro increased by 8%, while the rate of support for him decreased from 37% to 31%.

Brazil is currently the third largest epidemic area in the world with more than 8.8 million infections and more than 217,000 deaths due to nCoV.

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