Blockbuster 'Pacific Rim' is inferior to 'Despicable Me 2' 1Blockbuster 'Pacific Rim' is inferior to 'Despicable Me 2' 1

Despite fierce competition from two new movies, Grown Ups 2 and especially the action blockbuster Pacific Rim, the fun animated movie Despicable Me 2 still topped the chart of the most popular movies in North America last week.

The Minions and the movie `Despicable Me 2` remain winners at the North American box office this week.

Colorful images, humorous stories and playful Minions in Despicable Me 2 continue to attract audiences of many different ages.

Ranked second is the comedy Grown Ups 2. The film is set three years after the events that took place in the first part.

Blockbuster 'Pacific Rim' is inferior to 'Despicable Me 2'

`Grown Ups 2` was criticized for its quality but sales were still good.

Released in 2010, Grown Ups is a successful comedy with a revenue of 271 million USD while the cost was 80 million USD.

Coming in third place is the blockbuster action movie Pacific Rim.

With a budget of up to 190 million USD, Pacific Rim is one of the most awaited blockbusters this summer.

Blockbuster 'Pacific Rim' is inferior to 'Despicable Me 2'

`Pacific Rim` did not achieve positive results in its first week in theaters.

The comedy documentary Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain remained in the Top 10 at number nine with $5 million in revenue.

The remaining positions in the Top 10 this week belong to The Heat, The Lone Ranger, Monster University, World War Z and White House Down.

Next week’s North American film rankings promise big changes when there are many attractive films released.

Top 10 most popular movies in North America this week:

1. Despicable Me 2 – Universal – 44.8 million USD

2. Grown Ups 2 – Sony – 42.5 million USD

3. Pacific Rim – Warner Bros.

4. The Heat – Fox – 14 million USD

5. The Lone Ranger – Disney – 11.1 million USD

6. Monsters University – Disney/Pixar – 10.6 million USD

7. World War Z – Paramount – 9.43 million USD

8. White House Down – Sony/Columbia – 6.15 million USD

9. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – Lionsgate/ Summit – 5 million USD

10. Man of Steel – Warner Bros.

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