Biden throws stones at Putin 0Biden throws stones at Putin 0

According to US government officials, President Joe Biden is taking advantage of all the time during his trip to Europe to discuss with his assistants to best prepare for the June 16 meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir.

Most of his official meetings taking place this week start after noon, so the US President has a free morning to consult with advisers.

Biden (left) and Putin during their meeting in 2011 in Moscow, Russia.

The focus of such exchanges are the issues he plans to bring up in the summit with Putin, from cyber attacks to the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

The White House boss also actively asked foreign leaders at the G7, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to contribute their opinions as he prepares for the upcoming US-Russia summit in Geneva, Switzerland, according to

Topics related to Putin even appeared at the tea party between him and Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on June 13.

US government officials want President Biden to carefully prepare for the tactics that the Kremlin boss may launch.

`He’s so prepared,` First Lady Jill Biden exclaimed last week when asked if her husband was ready for the meeting with the Russian President.

In addition to Merkel, Biden also solicited opinions from many other important allies in bilateral meetings and exchanges on the sidelines of the G7 summit in the past few days.

Aides said that although Biden has many years of experience in foreign policy and this makes him confident in his approach towards his Russian counterpart, the White House boss still values the views of leaders.

On the other hand, when consulting with allies, Biden wants to show that he has no intention of marginalizing them, thereby reassuring allies and bringing them closer to the US, according to a source familiar with the matter.

US officials said that President Biden is also willing to discuss with his Russian counterpart potential areas of mutual interest, setting out a promising roadmap to help promote the US-Russia relationship.

But according to a source, President Biden is not too eager in his efforts to mend relations with Russia.

Instead, President Biden wants to aim for smaller, exploratory steps to gather signs about whether the US and Russia can establish `a more stable and predictable relationship` in the future.

Biden does not plan to hold a joint press conference with Putin after the summit, but he chose to give separate interviews to the press.

US officials added that they did not want to create an opportunity for Putin to appear `superior` to President Biden during the press conference and wanted to avoid a situation of `tit for tat` by both sides in public.

`This is not a competition to see who does better in front of the press or trying to make each other look bad,` President Biden said on June 13, explaining the decision not to hold a joint press conference.

The Biden – Putin meeting will be divided into two sessions, one small and one larger with a large team of assistants.

The preparations and messages related to the meeting have not been really seamless.

When asked at a press conference whether he was `open to discussing such issues with Putin,` Biden confirmed firmly.

`If there are criminal acts against Russia and the criminals are residing in the United States, I pledge to hold them accountable,` he said.

White House security advisor Sullivan later clarified Biden’s comments, affirming that the President `did not say ‘I will trade cybercriminals’`.

`What he said is that if Vladimir Putin wants to come and say ‘I guarantee cybercrime will be dealt with’ then Joe Biden will be completely ready to come out and answer ‘cybercriminals will be dealt with in America.

President Biden has had a skeptical view of Putin for decades.

Biden, then a senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reacted strongly to this comment, declaring: `I don’t trust Putin. Hopefully the president just said that.`

The US President brought with him a large team of assistants on his first foreign trip.

White House West Wing senior advisers Jen O’Malley Dillon, Mike Donilon and Bruce Reed were also in the entourage, along with press secretary Jen Psaki and communications director Kate Bedingfield.

A number of officials from the US National Security Council (NSC) are on the advisory list, including chief of staff Yohannes Abraham, deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh, director of speech Carlyn Reichel and director of public affairs.

Experts believe that the Biden – Putin meeting will not produce breakthrough results, but will still help draw clear boundaries in the already tense relationship between the world’s two leading nuclear powers.

`I don’t think the summit will create a stable environment in bilateral relations,` said Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

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