Barca - Man Utd: Against fate 0Barca - Man Utd: Against fate 0

Solskjaer needs to transmit the spirit of 1999 to his students.

*Barca – Man Utd: 2:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 17, Hanoi time.

This is the first time Solskjaer has returned to the Nou Camp as an insider, since the 2-1 goal in the 1999 Champions League final. Fate brought him once again to shoulder the responsibility of going upstream.

`This is a place that holds many emotions and of course my great memories,` Solskjaer said.

This is the second round in a row, Man Utd must fall into a reverse situation in the second leg.

The comeback against PSG gave Man Utd more confidence, but in reality this was a match in which they were rated much lower than Barca.

Barca - Man Utd: Against fate

Messi is ready for the Man Utd rematch.

After a strong collision with Smalling in the first leg, Messi sat out the match against Huesca last weekend and is ready to return.

One of the players on Man Utd’s side that Barca needs to pay attention to in the upcoming match is Alexis Sanchez.

History is on Barca’s side as they have never lost to Man Utd at the Nou Camp within the European Cup.

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