Ban mannequins wearing underwear to reduce 'green beard love' 0Ban mannequins wearing underwear to reduce 'green beard love' 0

Mannequins wearing sexy lingerie will soon disappear from Mumbai.

Telegraph reported that the above ban was just unanimously approved by Mumbai’s 277-member civic council from different political parties.

Local councilors say mannequins wearing sexy lingerie and lace stockings have caused `soul pollution` among men in the city, which has the second highest number of rape cases in the world.

Those who oppose the ban argue that the mannequins are not as sexual as the `hot` statues and sculptures at famous temples like Khajuraho, which display scenes of mass sex.

However, Mumbai leaders still assert that these mannequins are illegal and immoral.

`I have raised this issue and want to stop the display of women’s bodies on the streets of Mumbai. Mannequins wearing two-piece suits or other types of underwear are destroying people’s minds and going against

`This affects men’s view of women and sees them as a commodity. We need to understand the awkward feeling of a woman or a family when standing in front of a mannequin like

Ms. Tawade, 39 years old, said that the ban was issued based on the provisions of the 1986 law prohibiting indecent expressions of women. This indecency means describing the shape, body or

Behlul Shaikh, owner of a fashion store with half-naked mannequins in central Mumbai, said he will implement the government’s decision.

Salim Faqih, another shop owner, said that the ban will affect the store’s revenue but not significantly.

`Look at the girls today. They dress even more sparingly than our mannequins,` BBC quoted him as saying.

What’s interesting is that female sales staff at a fashion shop expressed surprise at the above decision.

Female customers gave mixed opinions.

Another person opposed this ban and called it `stupid`.


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