Australia invests in casinos to attract Chinese tourists 2Australia invests in casinos to attract Chinese tourists 2

Nestled between dense hills and the famous Great Barrier Reef, the town of Cairns (Queensland, Australia) and the surrounding area have been neglected by tourists recently.

To turn the situation around, Tony Fung – an investor from Hong Kong has planned to build a casino-resort complex here with an estimated value of 4 billion USD.

Queensland wants to open more casinos to reduce budget pressure.

Australian billionaire James Packer’s Crown Company and entertainment group Echo Entertainment are also researching expanding and adding new casinos in Cairns, to attract Chinese tourists who are frequenting Macau.

Justine Chien – Director of Golden Dragon Travel (Australia) commented: `Whether gambling or not, casinos are still attractive destinations for Chinese tourists. They have been to Macau so they will want to experience more.`

With an area twice the size of Texas (USA) and a coastline longer than India, Queensland is taking advantage of its natural strengths and learning from Singapore’s strategies.

`We are having to compete globally to attract customers. Queensland’s existing services are afraid they have not caught up with their competitors,` said Campbell Newman – the head of this state.

In Australia, every state has at least one casino.

Queensland is the most indebted state in the country with an estimated deficit of $7.3 billion in the year to the end of June. This state currently has four casinos operating.

Other countries in Asia are also making similar moves to Australia.

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