Americans are reluctant to wear masks 2Americans are reluctant to wear masks 2

Among such people is Chloe, a student, who has received two vaccinations but still wears a mask every time she goes out.

`I think this statement certainly shocked many people, including me,` Chloe said on May 14, referring to the latest guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on giving

Many people still wore masks when visiting the Lincoln Memorial museum in Washington, USA, on May 14.

Chloe, 20, called the CDC’s announcement `hopeful,` but insisted she would continue wearing a mask for a while longer.

`If I see more and more people not wearing masks, I will be more comfortable not wearing them,` she said.

However, `it’s important to be aware of the ongoing pandemic,` Chloe said.

Only 36% of the population has been fully vaccinated with two Covid-19 vaccine shots in the US, where the pandemic has killed more than 580,000 people.

`Yesterday, I disagreed with the decision to relax mask regulations,` said Lauren, a person wearing a white cloth mask.

The 36-year-old woman who works as a consultant plans to wear a mask every time she goes out, and this decision depends on her `daily, even hourly, feeling.`

`It has become an indispensable thing on my face. I feel inadequate if I don’t wear it,` Lauren said, saying the mask sometimes makes her feel like she has a `protective cloak.`

Medical experts say it is understandable that people feel eager to return to normal life, because the past time has been extremely difficult.

`Science has shown that if you are fully vaccinated, the virus will treat you differently, so you may act differently,` Adalja said.

Adaljia, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine, said the problem is that the CDC has been too cautious throughout the pandemic and now, they shocked people with a `somewhat aggressive` statement.

When the CDC confirmed that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks when going out, US President Joe Biden congratulated this decision, calling it a `big day` for the country hit hard by the pandemic.

Memes flood Twitter, but they only make people more worried.

`We don’t have to wear masks anymore if we’re vaccinated, but what happens if I’m mistaken for a Republican,` one woman wrote, referring to the political divide between the Republican and Democratic parties.

`I write here to note that masks are like a protective cloak covering the face, I will wear a mask for the rest of my life,` account Glennon Doyle posted on Twitter.

Adaljia said Americans have implemented `so many precautionary principles that I think it will be very difficult for people who have accepted those rules to abandon them.`

`I really want to see everyone’s faces again,` Lauren said.

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