American police officer who killed a person was prosecuted 4American police officer who killed a person was prosecuted 4

`This case is ready and we have prosecuted,` district attorney Mike Freeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA said on May 29, referring to Derek Chauvin, one of the four police officers involved in the case.

In a video shot by a witness, white police officer Chauvin kneeled on the back of 46-year-old Floyd’s neck for nearly 9 minutes during the arrest of a person accused of using counterfeit money, causing this person to die, while three other police officers

Floyd’s relatives called the news of Chauvin’s indictment `another step on the road to justice,` but said they hope authorities will take tougher legal action against the officers involved.

Floyd’s family believes that prosecuting Chauvin for third-degree murder, which is accidentally causing death, is not enough.

Police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck during the arrest on May 25.

Prosecutor Freeman said that three other police officers were also under investigation and he expected they would be prosecuted.

Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder because an autopsy showed that although Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for two minutes and 53 seconds after the victim became `unresponsive`, Floyd did not die of asphyxiation.

`Floyd has underlying medical conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart failure,` the prosecution filing states.

The indictment news came hours after hundreds of National Guard troops were deployed to the streets of Minneapolis and St.

Mayor Jacob Frey declared a curfew for the night of May 29 to dawn of May 30 as protesters again appeared on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Louis.

Police were also deployed to respond to protests in other cities, including New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston and Portland, to prevent a repeat of the violence in Minneapolis.

American police officer who killed a person was prosecuted

American police officer who killed a person was prosecuted

New video appears showing Floyd with three police officers kneeling on him.

Speaking at a meeting at the White House on May 29, US President Donald Trump said he had talked to the victim’s family.

`I want to express our deepest condolences and our country’s most sincere sympathies to George Floyd’s family. I’ve spoken to family members, who are wonderful people,` Trump said.

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