America is jealous because Russia has Putin 3America is jealous because Russia has Putin 3

There is news that Washington is ready to make a `reciprocal` offer to Moscow…

The US has run out of options in Syria and the Obama administration is increasingly frustrated.

News of the above proposal was first published in the Washington Post, citing an 8-page document revealing plans for closer interaction between US and Russian military forces operating in the skies over Syria.

According to the above document, a Joint Operations Group (JIG) will be established, possibly headquartered in Jordan’s capital Amman, including military officers, intelligence officials, lawyers and logistics personnel.

The two Russian and American leaders had dinner at the UN headquarters.

In return for a more coordinated counterterrorism effort in Syria, Russia assured the United States that the Syrian army would land its aircraft in certain areas.

Although Russia and the United States have established hotlines to exchange and inform each other about their positions on the ground, an information sharing center and joint strike capabilities have never been seriously discussed.

Russian victory

Russia has hoped for a joint mission since it began its air campaign in Syria in September 2015.

For its part, while careful to coordinate more closely with Russia and its allies, the Obama administration hopes that such an agreement can put greater pressure on IS, which has expanded its territory.

America is jealous because Russia has Putin

President Putin.

Mr. Putin asked Mr. Obama to conduct a broader discussion on the issue of counterterrorism in Syria last year.

Reluctant choice

Republican lawmakers in the US Congress will certainly oppose military cooperation and coordination with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who – correctly speaking – has turned Syria into his own playground, where weapons systems

Besides, there is strong opposition in the Pentagon, the US State Department and the intelligence community.

There is only one agency in the US national security apparatus that supports the above proposal, which is the National Security Council, an agency under the White House and has always had problems with the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

The reason why the US is still cold towards Russia is because up to now the Russians still have a stronger voice with the Assad regime than the US.

It may be difficult for JIG to be established overnight.

While siding with Russia may not be the best outcome for the United States, in a context where all other possibilities are unfeasible, this solution may offer the greatest hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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