Amber Room - suspected treasure on a Nazi ship 0Amber Room - suspected treasure on a Nazi ship 0

Inside the reconstructed amber room in Russia.

Tom Bower is a renowned investigative journalist and author of many research books.

Brown believes that the Nazis stole many valuable items during the war, so the story of the treasure ship is not too unusual.

Where the Nazi treasure train could hide

`If this is an art ship, there will be many precious paintings, diamonds, rubies, precious stones and it cannot be ruled out that the legendary Amber Room is also hidden here,` Brown said.

In 1701, Friedrich I – the first king of Prussia ordered the construction of an amber room to decorate the Charlottenburg palace.

In 1716, when visiting Prussia, Russian tsar Pier the Great was completely conquered by the `unprecedented` beauty of this work.

Amber Room was disassembled and placed in 18 boxes for shipping to Russia a year later.

Amber Room - suspected treasure on a Nazi ship

Original Amber Room.

Since then, information about this precious amber room has completely disappeared.

However, according to RT, many opinions say that the judgment about the legendary room can be `predictable`.

BBC on August 20 said two people in Poland said they discovered a ship that was rumored to be full of gold, gems and guns when it disappeared at the end of World War II.

According to local legend, the train disappeared near Ksiaz castle, about 3 km from the city of Walbrzych, southeastern Poland.

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