A woman's escape from a hungry wolf in the deep Canadian forest 0A woman's escape from a hungry wolf in the deep Canadian forest 0

Joanne Barnaby and friend, Tammy Caudron.

According to the Washington Post, Barnaby and his dog and friend Tammy Caudron decided to go into the forest to pick goat belly mushrooms on the morning of June 10.

Barnaby did not want to carry a rifle with him while picking these expensive mushrooms.

`It was a stupid mistake, I paid a big price.`

Barnaby parked his car on the side of the highway around 1 p.m.

So when Barnaby heard a growl behind her, she immediately knew she was in trouble.

Joey tried to chase the wolf away like he usually does with bears but failed.

Every time Barnaby tried to walk toward the highway and the truck park, the animal blocked the path.


As for Caudron, she wasn’t worried when she returned to the truck without seeing her friend.

At this point Caudron began to worry.

`She knows the forest well,` one person said.

The men in the truck agreed to help.

Meanwhile, Barnaby knew where she was, she even heard the gunshots but was powerless to tell them.

Dangerous gamble

The wolf cornered Barnaby and Joey deep into the forest, the scenery changed.

The struggle went on for 12 hours, until night fell, when mosquitoes covered Barnaby’s face, arms, and legs, sucking blood.

The wolf was still watching the two masters and servants, waiting for them to be negligent before jumping in to attack.

Just when Barnaby thought he would have to give up, he heard a low growl.

`I sat down on a log and listened attentively,` Barnaby said.

Meanwhile, the wolf remained motionless, observing Barnaby and Joey.

`I sat there, thinking and praying,` she recounted about her crazy idea.

`I decided to take a chance,` she said.

`Suddenly I heard a loud noise behind me, accompanied by a roar,` Barnaby recalled.

A woman's escape from a hungry wolf in the deep Canadian forest

Joey, Barnaby’s loyal dog.

Half an hour later, she and Joey escaped the bears, but the wolf did not follow.

Barnaby pulled out an empty beer can and scooped water to drink.

She climbed down the hill and headed towards the highway, but a deep chasm was in her way and could not be crossed.

`I talk about my two sons, one died as an infant, one is now an adult. I tell everyone I love, I keep crying.`

Barnaby continued walking.

`That water is very delicious,` she said.

It took Barnaby an hour to cross the swamp, through the willow path to the main road.

`I came close behind them,` Barnaby said, laughing.

`They didn’t have anti-mosquito spray in the truck,` she said.

When Barnaby returned home, Caudron rushed out and hugged her, shouting: `I thought you were dead.`

Barnaby recounted his amazing story of survival on Facebook on June 14, along with a photo of his face covered in mud, blood and poplar powder.

`I hope this article will save me the trouble of retelling the story of survival many times,` Barnaby said humorously.

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