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1. Write a to-do list the night before

Successful people often write to-do lists before dinner or before going to bed to prepare for the next day.

2. Establish relationships

Relationships will help a lot in work and life.

Very successful people often know the saying `Relationships will determine your value` and use them as their life philosophy.

3. Exercise your mind, body and soul

Extremely successful people choose to exercise either mentally or physically at one point during the day.

The most popular methods are breathing exercises (5-10 minutes), meditation (15-20 minutes), healthy eating (20-30 minutes),  exercise (20-60 minutes).

4. Set goals and visualize those goals

Most successful people responded that they regularly write down their goals, plans, or visions.

Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone revealed that he writes down more than 10 goals multiple times a day to remind himself to stay focused towards the success  he desires.

So set goals that are higher than your capabilities, find ways to make them measurable, agree on goals with your team and supporters, document your progress and set time limits.

5. Be grateful and stay positive

Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza once shared: `If you affirm ‘I am rich, I am great, I am determined’ but inside you are afraid, your body will have difficulty being optimistic.

If a person feels grateful, and expresses it repeatedly and sincerely, their affirmations: `I am amazing, I am extraordinary, I am determined` will also completely coincide with their feelings.

So, learn to show gratitude to your friends, colleagues or yourself every day.

6. Self-development

Successful people pay great attention to learning new skills, reading books, listening to the radio, watching interviews and taking courses that provide useful information.

Leadership coach Simon Sinek shares: `People who claim to be experts are actually ignorant. We always have a lot to learn. No job is complete.`

Studies have shown that if you read 20 pages of books every day, or listen to the radio for more than an hour, you can accumulate the amount of knowledge equivalent to more than 36 books per year.

7. Regular meetings

Finally, the 7th habit that needs to be actively practiced is to call or organize a coffee meeting with advisors and colleagues to discuss work responsibilities.

This is an effective way to stay motivated.

To be successful, you cannot rely on just one habit.

Ngoc Anh (according to Entrepreneur)

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