5 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China 15 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China 1

Wuzhen Town, Zhejiang

`Street Party` in Wuzhen.

Every New Year, the streets of Wuzhen are decorated with colorful flower lights.

Nowadays, `street parties` are more elaborate with many delicious dishes, the most famous being braised lamb.

Visitors to Wuzhen during Tet can also learn about traditional Chinese New Year customs, such as worshiping the Kitchen God, pasting couplets, lighting fireworks, lighting incense, watching opera… and at the same time can

Phoenix Town, Hunan

5 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China

Phuong Hoang town.

The townspeople always celebrate the New Year the same way.

Zhoucun Town, Shandong

5 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China

Chu Thon is glowing with colored lights during the New Year.

Zhoucun is considered `the place where Shandong’s trade began`.

The economy in Chu Thon developed strongly in the early 20th century. During that period, this place was a meeting point for silk and tobacco merchants, and many large banks sprang up.

Since 2008, Chu Thon has become the leading tourist destination in the country.

Xitang Town, Zhejiang

5 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China

Ancient riverside town.

Although some customs and traditions during Tet have faded in many large cities, Xitang people still greatly appreciate and try to preserve traditions with grand New Year’s festivals.

Located between the two most modern cities, Shanghai and Hangzhou, Xitang has not been affected at all, on the contrary, it has successfully preserved all the classical rituals in a New Year celebration.

The ancient riverside town is also famous for its poetic scenery and timeless architectural works.

Hongjiang Town, Hunan

5 ideal places to celebrate Tet in China

Goddesses of wealth at the spring festival.

This ancient town is a famous scenic spot in Hunan province.

On Lunar New Year 2014, the town will organize 10 folk culture events and recruit 5 beautiful young women to play the five goddesses of wealth in the New Year’s parade.

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