4 days of hell for a little girl kidnapped by a pedophile 04 days of hell for a little girl kidnapped by a pedophile 0

Alicia used the Internet at home when she was 13 years old.

According to BBC, Christmas 2001 was a wonderful holiday for Alicia.

After dinner, their family was about to have dessert when Alicia complained of a stomach ache and told her mother she wanted to go to bed.

Alicia walked one block.

`Alicia, what are you doing? It’s too dangerous, you have to go back,` intuition spoke in the 13-year-old girl’s head.

A perfect family

`My childhood was filled with warm days with my mother. My mother didn’t work, so I hung around her all day, as did my brother who is 9 years older than me,` Alicia recounted.

It was her brother who first introduced Alicia to the Internet.

`He played online games all day,` she recalled.

`They once taught me about ‘dangerous strangers’, but strangers met on the street and strangers met online are really different. On the internet, they may be strangers at first but after a while of getting to know each other,

In 2001 – 2002, very few people taught their children about the dangers of the Internet.

Alicia met someone she thought was the same age, but didn’t know that he was tracking all her online activities.


He squeezed Alicia’s hand in the car, making her wince in pain, then began to threaten.

`Be good, shut up,` he said, warning that if Alicia did not obey, he would throw her into the back trunk.

`This is my chance, I will be rescued, the people inside will see a crying child and think ‘What’s going on?’

4 days of hell for a little girl kidnapped by a pedophile

Notice of missing Alicia Kozakiewicz.

However, the man sitting in the toll booth did not see the girl, nor did he detect anything suspicious in the car.

The kidnapper pulled the girl out of the car, dragged her into the house, and took her down the basement stairs.

`Just cry, this is going to hurt a lot,` he said, stripped Alicia, put a dog leash around her neck, dragged her to the bedroom upstairs and raped her.

`I’m starting to like you. Let’s go out tonight,` he said on the fourth day. Alicia knew he was going to kill her.

`During those few days, I missed my parents very much. I knew that they would look for me and that they loved me very much. They would overturn every tree and grass, do everything to keep me safe. I knew they wouldn’t

Alicia gradually accepts the fact that she is about to die.

`Maybe I made a noise then, because I heard a man say: ‘There are people here,’` Alicia recalled.

`That’s it, I’m dead,` Alicia recalled.

4 days of hell for a little girl kidnapped by a pedophile

Alicia reunites with her parents.

The kidnapper broadcast the scene of Alicia’s rape online.

The police searched the IP address leading to his house and found Alicia.

`In 2002, when I was kidnapped, it seemed like they didn’t understand why it happened, and that I was being set up. They simply blamed the victim, which sadly is no different than other stories.`


After a period of psychological and physical treatment, Alicia went back to school at the age of 14.

Over the past 14 years, she has continuously traveled across the United States promoting Internet safety and sharing pain, as well as advice for families of missing or sexually abused victims.

She worked on the PROTECT project to lobby all 50 US states to pass the Alicia Act.

4 days of hell for a little girl kidnapped by a pedophile

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia.

The states of Virginia, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Hawaii and Washington have passed this act.

She is studying for a master’s degree in forensic psychology and is about to graduate.

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