200,000 USD to buy one share of Warren Buffett 2200,000 USD to buy one share of Warren Buffett 2

On the US stock exchange, class A shares – BRKA listed by Berkshire Hathaway Company are likened to a Rolls Royce car.

Faced with the above developments, many investors in US stock forums continuously expressed their happiness for owning Berkshire shares.

Each class A share of Berkshire Hathaway can buy a house in the US.

According to CNN Money, each share of this businessman can buy a mid-range house in the US.

Berkshire currently owns shares in many businesses in different business fields.

Recently, Berkshire just revealed a transaction with a telecommunications cable company – Charter Communications through the purchase of 2.3 million shares, worth $361 billion.

What really defines Berkshire is the company’s incredible performance over the decades, according to CNN Money.

Meanwhile, most businesses choose to split their stocks when they see that the market price is beyond the reach of mid-sized investors.

However, Warren also came up with many different solutions to attract more investors to the company.

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