20 years of Vios and its competitors 220 years of Vios and its competitors 2

Vietnam’s auto industry only really emerged from 1990 onwards.

In the small car segment, with popular prices for first-time buyers, the 1990s to 2000s witnessed the influx of Korean car models.

Time for B-sized sedans to appear on the market.

In 2003, Toyota launched the domestically assembled B-sized Vios sedan.

Toyota Vios – year 2003

Vios has been developed by Toyota for general customers in the Asia-Pacific region since 2002. The first generation of Vios carries the code XP40, produced at the company’s factory in Thailand, part of the project.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Vios 2021. Photo: TMV

Realizing that the potential of the car group for first-time buyers was not much explored in Vietnam, the Japanese joint venture introduced Vios in 2003. At that time, only Lanos had a reputation in the segment.

Vios was named by Toyota with the meaning of `moving forward` and since its introduction to 2020, this model has gone from rookie position to segment king.

Hyundai Accent – 2010

The presence of Vios makes customers’ attention almost focused on the Japanese car model.

Hyundai Accent replaced Lanos, appearing in the domestic market as a CBU imported car in 2008, at that time still using the name Verna.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

2021 Hyundai Accent in Ninh Binh.

Accent entered Vietnam when Vios was already a force.

Hyundai Thanh Cong assembled the Accent domestically instead of importing it as before.

Mazda2 – year 2011

Five years after ending cooperation with Hoa Binh Automobile Joint Venture (VMC), Mazda returned to the Vietnamese market by joining hands with Truong Hai in 2010. Mazda2 was chosen as the commercial car model assembled by the company and its partners.

Mazda2 sold for the first time to Vietnamese customers has a 5-door hatchback configuration.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Mazda2 2021 on a street in Ho Chi Minh City.

The presence of Mazda2 makes the segment more selective and competitive.

Kia Rio – year 2012

In September 2019, Truong Hai introduced the domestically assembled Kia Soluto.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Design of Kia Rio 2012 when sold in Vietnam.

The B-size sedan group is dominated by the shadow of the Vios.

Honda City, Nissan Sunny – 2013

Joining the B-size sedan segment in 2013 are two names: Honda City and Nissan Sunny.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Honda City rolls in Hanoi.

With City, when Hyundai announced sales data from 2018, this car model’s sales were always in third place after Vios and Accent.

Mitsubishi Attrage – 2014

Following Honda and Nissan, Japanese brand Mitsubishi also entered the B-size sedan segment with Attrage in 2014. Mitsubishi’s car model is similar to Kia Soluto, with size in group B-.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Attrage 2021 in Vung Tau.

Unlike most competitors that are assembled domestically, Attrage is a car model purely imported from Thailand.

Suzuki Ciaz – 2016

Ciaz is the only Suzuki sedan officially distributed in Vietnam.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Ciaz 2020 rolls in Ho Chi Minh City.

Suzuki Ciaz is considered a sedan with the most spacious space in its segment and stable operation.

On November 10, Suzuki Vietnam announced that it would temporarily suspend distribution of the Ciaz for a period of time to import a new version that meets Euro 5 emission standards. The company did not respond to the information about when the suspension would last.

Kia Soluto – 2019

The return of Rio with a new form called Kia Soluto in 2019 comes with many ambitions of Thaco.

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Kia Soluto at a dealership in Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City.

Even though it comes with the cheapest price in the segment, Soluto sales so far have not been able to break into the top.

Nissan Almera – 2021

At the end of 2018, when the cooperation relationship between distributor Tan Chong and Nissan Group gradually came to an end, Japanese car models such as Terra, Sunny, Navara, X-Trail were sold slowly at dealerships with the goal of

20 years of Vios and its competitors

Imported Almera rolling in Hanoi, Photo: VAD

VAD company replaced Tanchong, selling Sunny again from August 2021 but taking the name Almera and switching from assembly to import from Thailand.

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