20 habits to become rich 220 habits to become rich 2

Nowadays, many people just operate like a pre-programmed machine and do not take the time to reflect and adjust their habits.

Establish good habits every day

Reading books every day is a good habit.

Good habits are the foundation of wealth.

Corley recommends that you take paper and divide it into 2 columns.

Regularly set goals

Successful people always act for their goals.

Successful people are those who can see far ahead.


Successful people always find ways to improve themselves.

Find ways to expand your knowledge.

Health care

Every day, successful people exercise and eat healthy.

Build relationships

Successful people are often the center of attention of those around them.

Someone once said that the most wonderful sound in the world is your own name.

Have a moderate lifestyle

You will achieve balance in life if you know how to live in moderation.

Make an effort to complete the task

Today’s works should have not left till tomorrow.

Corley advises that when the thought of procrastinating comes to mind, repeat the phrase `It must be done now,` and don’t stop until the task is completed.

Keep a positive outlook

Most successful people are optimistic, enthusiastic and dynamic.

Every day we are flooded with countless news about bad things happening.

Save regularly

According to Corley, successful people often spend 10 – 20% of their income to add to savings, investment or retirement accounts.

Reasonable expenses

Rich people always try to avoid overspending.

Read books every day

Many successful people spend at least 30 minutes a day reading.

Limit TV viewing

Did you know that most successful people never watch TV for more than an hour a day?

Do more than is required

Instead of completing assigned tasks, successful people often do more.

Talk less, listen more

You always learn something when you listen to others.

Never give up

Don’t be discouraged when you encounter difficulties.

Socialize with like-minded people

There is a saying: `Tell me who your friends are, I will tell you what kind of person you are`.

Monks study religion

Many successful people owe their glory to the teachings of their teachers.

Understand the cause

When you understand the reason for what you do, you will achieve what you want faster.

Suppress fear

But successful people will not allow fear to hinder their growth.

Improve skills

To be successful, the only way is to make yourself better in your field.

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