17 airplane snacks you can't refuse 317 airplane snacks you can't refuse 3

Whether you’re on a long or short flight, enjoying these snacks always makes you want to eat more.

Dry natto from Japan Airlines

Nattō is a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans and has a crunchy and salty taste.

Japanese airline snacks.

Cherry chocolate truffles from Virgin Australia

This chocolate bar is known to consumers as the oldest and most perfect candy in Australia today.

“Snack du Jour” by Air Tahiti Nui(France)

Each package of “Snack du Jour” contains a mixture of cheese sticks and sesame crackers.

LAN Airlines Havanna Alfajores (Chile)

This is a colorful Latin American specialty: A sweet and quite thick caramel is sandwiched between two sheets of marzipan and then dipped in a layer of white or dark chocolate.

17 airplane snacks you can't refuse

Havanna Alfajores cake from LAN Airlines (Chile).

Achiras del Huila cake from Avianca (Colombia)

We can hardly find any cake with a fragrant cheese smell like this Achiras del Huila cake outside of Columbia, until tourists put this cake in their bags and bring it back.

Korean Air’s Nongshim Shrimp Cake (Korea)

With a similar taste to potato chips, this snack is made from other ingredients.

17 airplane snacks you can't refuse

Nongshim Shrimp Cake from Korean Airlines.

British Airways marshmallows (UK)

Whether you’re given a banana candy bar, a Refresher candy, or classic London marshmallows, you’ll be sweet all the way on every flight.

JetBlue dried purple potatoes (USA)

This type of purple potato has a more attractive flavor than normal dried potatoes, and is also a characteristic feature of JetBlue airline because of its color and name.

Biscoff cookies from Delta Airlines (USA)

In Belgium, this cake has a hint of ginger, caramel and a buttery aroma, always dedicated to honoring Saint Nick for Christmas.

Qantas Tamari Almonds and Uglies (Australia)

This popular Australian airline has an approach to international customers by using almonds and chocolate cakes as snacks.

Turkish Airlines Turkish Sweets

Extremely chewy and sticky, this popular Middle Eastern candy (locally known as lokum) is coated with fine sugar when pistachios are folded into it.

Air France sweets

As a gift for passengers with a taste for snacks, this airline’s candy mix in a cone-shaped box is perfectly designed for every flight.

Dried sweet potatoes and taro, popcorn from Hawaiian Airlines (USA)

Perhaps movie theater lovers will enjoy the salty taste of the popcorn that Hawaiian Airlines brings to its passengers.

Virgin America’s chocolate brownies and salted caramel popcorn (USA)

Virgin America is providing its passengers with handcrafted confections from the city of San Francisco.

Swiss Air milk chocolate and tea (Switzerland)

These airline snacks are known as the most luxurious and quality products in the world.

Air New Zealand Lollies

Air New Zealand offers its passengers its own exclusive candy.

Iberian Patatas Fritas (Spain)

17 airplane snacks you can't refuse

Iberia Airlines Patatas Fritas fries.

In Spanish, patata means potato.

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