16 year old director dropped out of school to get rich 316 year old director dropped out of school to get rich 3

Mikami currently runs Gnex – a crowdfunding company supported by 6 sponsors, including Yahoo Japan and recruitment firm Recruit.

`Masayoshi Son is pouring capital into many companies. These investments have helped him reap many dividends for the company, employees and society. That is the type of entrepreneur I want to aim for,` Mikami said.

Son is currently the second richest person in Japan and is the CEO of telecommunications company Softbank and Chairman of Yahoo Japan.


`Teenagers today no longer need guidance from adults. We increasingly see many people starting businesses at a very young age,` said Mika Kumahira – Head lecturer of International Management at Aoyama Gakuin University.

Mikami founded Gnex last March.

Crowdfunding websites raised $5.1 billion in 2013, nearly double that of 2012, according to research firm Massolution.

`It’s very difficult for young entrepreneurs to find support resources. That’s why we provide support in both non-financial aspects,` Mikami said.

Since leaving school, Mikami often starts the morning by checking stock investments and works on her own until late afternoon.

At the age of 13, he came up with a business idea about pairing hotels with tourists and students studying abroad, similar to the Airbnb sharing service.

Mikami’s parents both supported him and allowed him to freely pursue his own career.

`I was very disturbed when I heard my child say this to me. At first, I objected. But then, Yoichiro persisted in persuading me so that I no longer had any doubts. I hopeĀ  there will be many more children like him.`

Mikami said Japan needs to loosen barriers for young entrepreneurs.

Following in Son’s footsteps, Mikami plans to apply to university next year, majoring in Business Administration.

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