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As one of the lands rich in history and the most beautiful architecture in the world, India is a country that easily attracts any traveler.

1. The red dot on the forehead of Indian women is called Bindi, while in men it is called Tilaka.

2. Indians often take off their shoes when going to temples and pagodas to show respect.

Don’t forget to take off your shoes when going to Indian temples.

3. Electricity in India is unstable.

4. Sadhus often wander around begging for alms and giving up all worldly pleasures.

5. Indians often say `if only`.

6. Trains in India are always packed with people getting on and off.

7. Indians believe that the cow is a sacred animal and the embodiment of god.

8. India has 5 or 6 million ‘hijras’.

15 strange things in India

Two hijras in women’s clothing.

9. Indians love to take photos of tourists, especially those with light hair and eye color.

10. Indian traffic is very chaotic.

11. Don’t be surprised when you see two Indian men holding hands.

12. In many areas in the south, people still keep the tradition of eating with their hands.

13. Scaffolding is made from sticks connected together.

14. Barbers and shavers are everywhere, most of them are men.

15. The toilet is quite odd.

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