10 interesting things about the Great Wall 1110 interesting things about the Great Wall 11

The city wall was built more than 1,800 years ago

The Great Wall was not the first citadel built in Chinese territory to protect people from foreign invaders.

By 221 BC, when Qin Shi Huang conquered neighboring countries and began building the Qin Dynasty, he began building 5,000 km of city walls to protect his land.

Although construction began during the Qin Dynasty, most of the Great Wall bears the mark of the Ming Dynasty, with characteristics of the 14th-17th centuries.

Not a unified wall

Many people think that the Great Wall is one uninterrupted structure.

Sticky rice is used as mortar

Most of the Great Wall was created from unremarkable construction materials such as rock and soil.

Building the Great Wall is a punishment for criminals

The construction, maintenance, and supervision of the Great Wall were regular punishments for prisoners during the Qin Dynasty.

Prisoners who commit murder or tax evasion are punished with the task of building the Great Wall.

Building the Great Wall was a form of hard labor for ancient Chinese prisoners.

Roosters were brought to the Great Wall to honor the dead

Many people died during the construction of the Great Wall.

Ancient poetry predicted the construction of the Great Wall

The Book of Poetry, a collection of ancient Chinese poetry written between the 7th and 11th centuries BC, correctly predicted the construction of the Great Wall.

Truong Thanh honors legendary figures

Along the Great Wall are temples and tributes to famous figures in Chinese history.

Defending with walls is not good

Despite efforts to build the Great Wall as a military defense system, many of the country’s enemies have historically been able to overcome it.

The Great Wall cannot be seen from outer space

There are many conflicting opinions about whether the Great Wall can be seen from space.

10 interesting things about the Great Wall

Nearly 2,000 km of city walls were destroyed.

Thousands of kilometers of the original great wall have disappeared

Today, the remains of the Great Wall are still an impressive figure – more than 20,000 km, although this length is greatly reduced compared to its peak during the Ming Dynasty.

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