10 Chinese bombers practice in the East Sea 210 Chinese bombers practice in the East Sea 2

Chinese state television station CCTV reported on February 23 that 10 bombers from the Southern Theater Command participated in exercises in the East Sea after the Lunar New Year holiday.

The drill includes long-distance attack exercises and enhanced coordination between new pilots and veteran pilots, according to CCTV.

Soldiers participate in exercises of the Southern Theater Command in the East Sea after the Lunar New Year.

Yue Gang, a retired Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) colonel, said that the exercises were in response to recent US activity in the South China Sea.

`The PLA can also deploy other resources, including missile forces, to strengthen deterrence against the US, if necessary,` Yue said.

One day after CCTV’s news, the US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur passed through the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate `America’s commitment to a free Indo-Pacific`.

Zhang Chunhui, spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command, said the navy and air force were deployed to track and monitor the US destroyer, and accused Washington of `intentionally` increasing the risk.

The US Navy destroyer John S. McCain earlier this month moved through waters near Vietnam’s Paracel Islands for the first time since President Joe Biden took office.

The US opposes China’s unjustified sovereignty claims in the region, accusing it of militarizing the East Sea and trying to intimidate neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Observers say the activities of US warships in the East Sea show that the Biden administration will not shrink the scale of activities to challenge China’s claims in the East Sea, after freedom of navigation patrols were conducted.

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